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Praespero Group Delivers Multiple Donations to St. Mary's

Last month the Praespero Group donated some awesome items to the Pediatric Infusion Center at St. Mary's in Richmond. As many of you have experienced, the last 18 months have been filled with delays and uncertainties in all areas of our lives, and the Praespero Group has certainly felt the affects. Our first project at St. Mary's has been delayed due to construction limitations and changes at the hospital, and they are now looking at a late 2022 unveiling of the new Pediatric Infusion Center.

Even though the construction of the new state-of-the-art Pediatric Floor at St. Mary's is delayed, we could not wait another year. We wanted to get the kids engaged with some fun technology to use while receiving treatment right away, so we put together a package that included:

  • 42 inch Smart TV

  • Oculus Virtual Reality Headset

  • Kindle

  • Apple iPad

In addition to all of that, we also went 'old school' and donated various inspirational post cards that kids, parents, and nurses can leave for other patients receiving care at St. Mary's. Who doesn't love receiving mail from friends and loved ones!

Once construction get's underway in 2022 we will continue to work with the great people at St. Mary's to customize the infusion rooms with the themes we have selected and even more items for the kids to enjoy!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support during this unprecedent time, and we look forward to getting back to our full vision for these rooms next year!


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