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About Us

It only took one visit to a pediatric infusion center for us to want to do more.   Ideas were instantly spinning through our heads of things we could do for these young patients, and their families to make their stay at the center more enjoyable.  With that the Praespero Group, a non-profit 501(c)(3), was formed.   We chose the name Praespero [Pronounced press-pero] because it means nourish, hope in Latin.   At our core, we are a group of business professionals with families and careers, who want to give hope back to those that need it.

  Our goal is simple - to put a smile on as many kids faces as possible. 

Because smiles are contagious! 

We believe all kids should get to be kids,

regardless of their health circumstances

Our Mission

To provide pediatric infusion patients with an enjoyable atmosphere when receiving care.

Our Vision

To put a smile on every kid’s face going through treatment throughout the country.

We Need Your Support Today!

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