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St. Mary's Adolescent Behavioral Health Partial Hospital Program (PHP)

Grand Opening January 2024

This suite features seven rooms with a cohesive Nature Theme running throughout the space.  You will see below some of the design elements that we used to make the space unique.

PHP Project

12 foot by 5 foot Felt Mountain 

This tactile wall serves a dual function by enhancing room acoustics while also serving as an aesthetically pleasing sensory artwork..

Group Therapy Room 1
Mountain Theme

Multidimensional DuPont Corian®

Solid Surface LED Wall

Created By MidAtlantic Surfaces

This accent wall catches your eye from the hallway, enticing you to step closer and run your fingers along its gentle curves as you pass by. Plus, with customizable lighting options, you can alter its appearance daily.

Group Therapy Room 1
Mountain Theme

The James River Mural

This massive mural by John Price Art spans two walls and pinpoints various things you can do along the James River Waterpark. 

Education Space

Felt Art Decor

500 felt tiles make up with feature wall in the Education Space.  It is massive and again serves a dual purpose in this open floorplan to help with acoustics and provide a stunning scene as you the turn the corner and walk down the hallway.

Education Space

Mural Doors line the Hallway

Strolling through the hallway, you'll encounter stunning hand-painted nature vistas adorning every office door. Beginning at the hallway's entrance with the break of dawn, the scenes gradually transition through various times of the day until culminating in a serene sunset as you reach the end of the corridor.


Underwater Adventure

We utilize three screens measuring 24 inches by 15 inches each, featuring a series of underwater videos seamlessly spanning across all scenes, producing mesmerizing visual effects.

Group Therapy Room 2
Underwater Theme

Backlit LED Whale Art

Continuing our underwater adventure motif, this five-foot LED whale can be adjusted in brightness as desired, adding a stunning visual accent to the light blue wall.

Group Therapy Room 2 Underwater Theme

Sensory Room

The standout feature of this suite is undoubtedly the incredible sensory room. Capturing the essence of camping under the stars, we've truly hit the mark. A floor-to-ceiling mural graces three walls, setting the scene, while numerous sensory elements scattered throughout not only add dimension but also provide comfort. 

Sensory Room

Additional PHP Project Photos

Are you a Pediatric Facility that could use our help!  Please send us your request today!

MRI & Sedation
Video Product

Upon receiving a request from St. Mary's to produce instructional videos for pediatric patients, the Praespero Group swiftly stepped in to assist. Collaborating with Taylor Quinn from Filmspire, we successfully delivered three videos tailored to aid pediatric patients undergoing different medical procedures at the hospital.

MRI with Sedation Video

MRI Only Video

Sedation Only Video


Video Project

All projects are made possible with your support.  Please consider donating today!

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