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What We Do

Praespero Group's First Project

With our mission and vision in mind we are developing interactive, state of the art infusion rooms for pediatric patients to enjoy while receiving treatment.  Theses rooms will allow patients to take their mind off things by playing games, watching videos and experiencing virtual reality.   And best of all there is always room for a friend and family members.

The recipient of our first project is St. Mary's Hospital Pediatric Infusion Center opening Spring of 2021 in Richmond, Virginia.

Who We Serve

Any pediatric infusion centers throughout the country. 

  • Outpatient and Standalone Infusion Centers 

  • Hospital Based Infusion Centers

  • Pharmacy Based Infusion Centers

Why It's Needed

Pediatric infusion patients and their families spend hours at infusion centers around the country.  They often must go to treatment weekly, monthly, and in some cases, this goes on for years or their entire lives. If we can make their experience at the infusion center even a tiny bit better, then we want to do it!

Why We Do It

Because smiles are contagious.

We Need Your Support Today!

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