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Themes Have Been Selected

Themes have been selected for our new project at St. Mary’s in Richmond! This is a large project with four main rooms that pediatric patients will utilize everyday, and we wanted to be sure that each room was unique but also keeps a centralized theme.

Keeping that in mind we have selected an overall nature theme for the entire space, and then each room will depict a different scene found in nature.

  • Group Room one will be a Hiking/Mountain theme, and include tree chairs, a 12ft mountain felt wall, a 9ft LED Corian wall, and light green and tan colors throughout.

  • Group Room two will be an Underwater theme with light blue and navy chairs, a 6ft backlit Whale art feature, three video screens depicting an underwater aquarium, and then light blue colors throughout.

  • Education Space will be River theme with a granite counter mimicking a river bed, blue chairs, a 22ft Mural, and a 6ft wide felt wall art feature to help with sound.

  • Sensory Room will be camping under the stars theme with LED star ceiling panels, a plush been bag chair, and numerous sensory activities.

The photos shown here are some of the furniture pieces, and wall décor we have selected already. It’s going to be exciting to see it all come together.


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